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Welcome to the next level of HEAT!

The NEW Scorpion Pepper Shredded Chicken Burrito introduces a new flavor complexity of pineapple, guava and scorpion pepper blended with our buffalo sauce to create a mouth watering heat for even the bravest heat seeker.

Upon first bite, you’ll taste the sweet heat from guava and pineapple mixed with the natural sweetness of scorpion peppers. The sweetness doesn’t linger, though, because they did not hold back when bringing the scorpion heat. It hits quickly and fiercely alongside the vinegar tang of the buffalo sauce. 

This sauce rates at an astounding 50,000 Scoville rating.  There's a reason why this sauce’s nickname is “the king of sting”.  There’s a little sting hidden in that sweetness right at the get-go and a quick build of heat from there. Our Scorpion Sauce is only for the bravest!  

























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